Monday, July 11, 2011

Google Product assists Authors in Reaching an Audience

This from Galley Cat;

What is an author email blast? The 21st Century book release always includes an email blast directed at every friend, relative, acquaintance or journalist that the author knows. It’s a quick and dirty way to tell people about your book, but not the most effective way to build an enthusiastic readership.
This new social networking tool could help readers and writers set up more useful groups to connect with readers–assigning every contact a “circle” that identifies their relationship to you. If Google’s network catches on, it could end the author email blast forever.
If you join the Google+ Circles, start putting all your friends who would read your book into a “Book Friends” circle. As you meet other people who share your interests, add them to the circle as well.
This new stream will allow you to share news about your book with an engaged readership, but it will help you avoid passing that news to people who don’t want to know about your writing life.
At the same time, you can use the “Book Friends” circle to see what your readers are thinking–explore their posts, pictures and ideas. Instead of sending out a one-sided email blast, you could have targeted and meaningful contact with your readers.
“Google+ Circles helps you organize everyone according to your real-life social connections–say, ‘family,’ ‘work friends,’ ‘music buddies,’ and ‘alumni’. Then, you can share relevant content with the right people, and follow content posted by people you find interesting. For example, you might post an announcement about your engagement and show it only to people in your friends and family circles, or maybe you see a post from the circle you created for your book club that there’s a recent article on your favorite author.