Sunday, January 22, 2012

Megaupload Limited Facing Charges for Copyright Infrigement

From Wikipedia;

Megaupload Limited, better known for its closed websites including the top-15 file hosting service, is an online Hong Kong-based company established in 2005 that ran a number of online services related to file storage and viewing. The domain names were seized and the sites shut down by the U.S. Justice Department on 19 January 2012, following their indictment and arrests of the owners for allegedly operating as an organization dedicated to copyright infringement.
The shutdown led to what activist group Anonymous calls "the single largest Internet attack in its history" in retaliation. The case has not yet been heard at trial.

From Galley Cat;

The founder and some employees of the file sharing site Megaupload have been indicted by federal prosecutors. The site, which once hosted pirated copies of books, comic books, movies, software and other digital goods, has been shut down.
Below, we’ve embedded the complete indictment–alleging that the pirated material on the site caused “estimated harm” of $500 million for copyright holders. How do you think these massive piracy cases should be handled?
Here is an excerpt: “Since at least September 2005, has been used by the defendants and other members and associates of the Mega Conspiracy to willfully reproduce and distribute many millions of infringing copies of copyrighted works, including motion pictures, television programs, musical recordings, electronic books, images, video games,and other computer software. Over the more than five years of its existence, the Mega Conspiracy has aggressively expanded its operations into a large number of related Internet businesses, which are connected directly to, or at least financially dependent upon, the criminal conduct associated with”

Etta James' Memoir- Rage to Survive

Etta James' engrossing and revealing memoir includes accounts of her time spent with music legends.

The Perseus Books Group gives us the opportunity to explore this heart-wrenching story online;

Stories of wishing to be naked with celebrities who saw her as a "sister" and the Dolly Parton-like desire to look like a "whore" round out the icon we like to think we know.